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My name is Caitlyn and I like what I like. This blog has everything I like: TV, books, music, comics. It's a hodge podge here and I hope you like it!

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"Huntress" by Igor Kosovec
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Little first years falling off from the boat on their way to the castle. The giant squid rescuing them. The giant squid being concerned for the students after so many years of first years falling in the lake that it always swims under the boats just in case someone falls. The giant squid bringing seaweeds for sad students on the lake shore. 

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- Don’t forget me.
- I won’t remember anything else.

#this is so fucking rude because its actually what happened#*throws self off cliff*

LOL. I never thought about it this way, but yeah. It’s totally true.

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fun date idea:

orphan black marathon




tiny little turn ons:

   - people leaning against walls with one shoulder while they talk

   - catching somebody turning away smiling at a joke you made

   - people who linger on a hug for just a second after you let go

   - somebody glancing at your lips while you’re talking

jesus CHRIST

Jesus is not a turn-on he is the way the truth and the light go 2 church and reflect on your nasty ass sins

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bitch about how much “technology is ruining society” all you want. im gonna go communicate with hundreds of people at once while u fuck the stonehenge 


"Hey Taylor? I wish you didn’t smoke weed. You’re not the same when you smoke and I miss my friend."